About Us

Great Knots is a small business located in the greater St. Louis area. We make custom bow ties and cummerbunds as well as women's bow ties, headbands, hairbows, baby items and pet bow ties. 

Great Knots sprang from the need for unique bow ties that could be worn to themed dances, typical of high schools. From there the business branched off to include more sophisticated men's ties that are carried in some St. Louis shops, country clubs and tourist boutiques. Great Knots makes custom designs that include logos for schools, businesses and organizations as well as a collection of styles ranging from traditional preppy looks to fun holiday and special event ties.

Great Knots believes that a great bow tie reflects the wearer and makes meeting them more memorable!

"Tie a Great Knot"


To email us:

By phone: 314-378-6563 (United States, Central time)